CPA: a web-based platform for consensus pathway analysis and interactive visualization

“In molecular biology and genetics, there is a large gap between the ease of data collection and our ability to extract knowledge from these data. Contributing to this gap is the fact that living organisms are complex systems whose emerging phenotypes are the results of multiple complex interactions taking place on various pathways. This demands powerful yet user-friendly pathway analysis tools to translate the now abundant high-throughput data into a better understanding of the underlying biological phenomena. Here we introduce Consensus Pathway Analysis (CPA), a web-based platform that allows researchers to (i) perform pathway analysis using eight established methods (GSEA, GSA, FGSEA, PADOG, Impact Analysis, ORA/Webgestalt, KS-test, Wilcox-test), (ii) perform meta-analysis of multiple datasets, (iii) combine methods and datasets to accurately identify the impacted pathways underlying the studied condition and (iv) interactively explore impacted pathways, and browse relationships between pathways and genes. The platform supports three types of input: (i) a list of differentially expressed genes, (ii) genes and fold changes and (iii) an expression matrix. It also allows users to import data from NCBI GEO. The CPA platform currently supports the analysis of multiple organisms using KEGG and Gene Ontology, and it is freely available at”

Phi Bya
Assistant Professor