Past events

Northern Nevada Bioinformatics Workshop 2022

This miniseries will introduce you to the growing field of Bioinformatics and its applications. We will discuss multiple current tropics including covid, microbiome, and cancer and you will get the chance to run your own analyses. The workshop’s intended audience are undergraduate students, but everyone is welcome to apply for participation. Space is limited and confirmation of participation will be required. Priority will be given to those participating in all three sessions.

Students participating in all three session will receive a Certificate of Participation granted by NV INBRE’s Data Science Core as well as a Starbucks gift card.

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Northern Nevada Bioinformatics Workshop 2021

Bioinformatics studies have become data-intensive that come with ever-evolving technological and computational demands. The increasing reliance on complex computational methods prevents many biomedical researchers, from accessing and making effective use of these datasets and methods. This workshop provides a tutorial to Galaxy, a web-based computational workbench used by tens of thousands of scientists across the world to analyze large biomedical datasets. In an in-depth hand-on experience, the participants will conduct a variant analysis with best-in-class tools using SARS-CoV-2 NCBI’s Sequence Read Archive. In the second day of the workshop, audients will have a chance to learn about cutting-edge technologies in cancer subtyping. This new focus area aims at bringing real change to people with cancer with a better prognosis. This will increase the chance that cancer will be treated successfully and that the patient will recover. A combination of presentations, facilitated discussion, exercises, and sharing of resources will provide participants with concepts, cases, and networks to further the application of their work. Participants will have the opportunity to share their own work, their thoughts about challenges, barriers, and opportunities via an open discussion forum.

The workshop was successfully organized with more than 20 participants from local high school and community colleges, including Coral Academy of Science, Great Basin Community College, and Truckee Meadows Community College. This workshop was supported by Nevada INBRE, National Institute of General Medical Sciences (grant no. GM103440) and National Science Foundation (grant no. 2001385, 2019609).

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Pack Research Experience Program (PREP)

Multi-omics data integration and cancer subtyping

The PREP is a new research award that directly benefits underrepresented students with an academic standing of freshman or sophomore. The goal of the project is to develop predictive models able to predict the survival of cancer patients using high-dimensional multi-omics data. Undergraduate students will wok with graduate students to:

Undergraduate student: